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Recommended Travel Items

If you are planning a trip on the Greyhound bus then you might be wondering what travel items you should take with you.

Below are a list of travel items that I feel will make your Greyhound bus trip more comfortable, pleasant, and all around more enjoyable. I don’t always take all of these items every time I travel but I have used all of them on one trip or another.

  • Backpack – Best carry on bag ever! Easy to take on and off bus. Plus zippered pockets can be locked for added security.  [Recommended Backpack]
  • Water Bottle – You are going to get thirsty on your trip, it’s a fact! Don’t get stuck dying of thirst with still like 2 hours before your next break. Bring a water bottle and refill it at the bus station water fountains along your trip.                           [Recommended Water Bottles]
  • Earbuds or Headphones – Listening to music or watching videos/movies are great ways to pass the time on the Greyhound bus. But in order to not disturb fellow passengers you will want to use headphones or earbuds. [Recommended Earbuds]        [Recommended Headphones] 
  • Snacks – You are also going to get hungry on your Greyhound bus trip and you might now want to pay bus station prices for a meal. Bringing along snacks from home can help to curb your appetite until you reach your destination.
  • Luggage Locks – Whenever I travel I lock my luggage. I’m not to worried about my bags being rummaged through on Greyhound but why take the risk.  You can get a 4-pack of luggage locks for like $10 that should last a lifetime.                    [Recommended Luggage Locks]
  • Travel Pillow – I personally don’t use a travel pillow but I know some people who ride Greyhound alot that swear by them. Travel pillows can make resting on the bus easier and way more comfortable then just leaning your head on the window.
  • Blanket – Temperatures on Greyhound buses can range from Hellfire Hot to Antartica Cold. Bring a blanket along with you can help you with the cold. And they also give you something to wrap up in when trying to get some sleep. Travel blankets are great because they usually fold up really small and can be stashed in your carry on bag when not in use. [Recommended Travel Blanket]
  • Money Belt – If you are planning on traveling with extra cash or valuables then I recommend having a good hiding place for them on your person. Thieves like to target bags that they can run off with and search through later. They will usually only rob people who they know are carrying things of value. Keep your cash, credit cards, jewelry out of sigh and secure with a money belt or travel wallet.           [Recommended Money Belt]


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