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Greyhound Bus FAQ

Answers to the most frequently  asked questions about riding the Greyhound bus as well as links to additional information.

How Good is the Wifi on Greyhound? 
Good news: The wifi is free!
Bad news: The quality of the wifi varies depending on a number of factors, so don’t expect to get great wifi through out your whole trip. And streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and Youtube are typically blocked.

Is the Greyhound Bus Safe?
I would say that the Greyhound bus is as safe as it can be. Anytime you have 1000’s of people traveling on hundreds of buses through a hundred or more stations on a daily basis you are bound to have some issues.

Here is an article I wrote about How To Stay Safe on the Greyhound Bus that provides some great information and tips I use every time I ride the bus.

Will They Search My Bags Before Boarding the Bus?
At most stations Greyhound does not search your bags before boarding the bus. There are exceptions to this rule and some stations search bags frequently. So don’t have anything in your bags that you don’t want found by security or the authorities.

How Many Bags Can You Take on the Greyhound Bus?
You can take 1 carry on bag for free and one checked bags (50lbs or less) for free. You can bring an additional checked bag for $15.00.

Can You Buy A Greyhound Bus Ticket For Someone Else?
Yes, you can. There will be an additional $18 fee and the person will need there ID, confirmation number and/or password if they are going to pick the ticket up later.

Are There Power Outlets on Greyhound Buses?
Yes, there are power outlets on all Greyhound buses. Each row of seats has access to two plugs so each passenger can plug in a device.

Are Greyhound Bus Tickets Refundable?
If you purchase a Flexible ticket then you are eligible for a refund under certain circumstances. Flexible tickets cost more however.

How Early Should I Get to the Bus Station Before My Trip?
I recommend getting to the bus station 45 minutes to an hour before your bus is scheduled to arrive. This gives you ample time to check in, get your ticket, and find the door/gate your bus will be boarding from.

What Happens If I Lose My Ticket During My Trip?
Greyhound assumes no responsibility for lost tickets. If you lose your ticket you will have to purchase another one to continue your trip.

How Do I Get My Bags When My Trip Is Over?
Your bags should be under the bus you are on when your trip ends. Simply exit the bus and wait while the luggage handler unloads the bags from the bus. When he/she gets to your bag show your checked bag ticket and you can take your bag.

Can I Take Food and Drinks on the Greyhound Bus?
Yes, you can bring food and drinks on the Greyhound bus. The only drinks you can’t bring are alcoholic beverages. You can bring just about any food as long as you can eat it in your seat without making a mess.

Are There Smoke Breaks While Travelling on Greyhound?
Yes, the bus stops every few hours for smoke and food breaks. Plus it stops frequently along the way to pick up other passengers and you usually have a few minutes to get off the bus and smoke at these stops.

How Will I Know Where to Sit on the Bus? Are There Assigned Seats?
There are no assigned seats on the Greyhound bus. You can sit in any seat you like provided it’s vacant.

Are There Bathrooms on the Greyhound Bus? 
Yes, there are bathrooms in the rear of every Greyhound bus but I would only use them in an extreme emergency. Greyhound bus bathrooms are notorious for being dirty and smelling bad so I advise going to the bathroom during food breaks and at the stations.

What is a Will Call Ticket?
Will call is an option you use when purchasing a ticket that allows you to pick the ticket up at any Greyhound bus station.

Can I Pay Cash For My Greyhound Bus Ticket?
Yes, you can use cash to pay for your ticket at any Greyhound bus station and at select 7Eleven convenience stores.

How Do I Know Which Bus to Board at the Station?
When you check in at the Greyhound station the ticket agent will usually tell you what door your bus will be boarding out of. They will also make several boarding calls in which they will announce the bus number, what cities it will be traveling to, and where the boarding line is forming. If you are still confused just ask any Greyhound employee.

How Can I Tell if I Have Any Transfers on My Trip?
You ticket should come with an itinerary that shows all your major stops and when you will arrive and depart from each one. If there is a stop at a bus station that shows you arriving on one bus (the bus numbers are also listed) and departing on another bus then this means you have a transfer.

What Happens to My Luggage During a Transfer?
In most cases you are responsible for getting your luggage off of the bus you are exiting and bringing it with you onto your next bus. At a handful of stations your bags may be transferred for you but this happens very rarely.

What’s A Layover on the Greyhound Bus?
A layover is the time that elapses during a transfer while you are waiting to board your next bus. A layover can be range from a few minutes to several hours depending on your trip.

Can I Leave the Station During a Layover?
You are free to do whatever you want during layovers. Just be sure to keep your luggage with you and make sure you don’t lose your ticket. If you do decide to leave the station make sure you are back 45 minutes to and hour before your next bus is scheduled to leave.

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