No, Greyhound doesn’t check for warrants. At least I’ve never heard of them doing so in all my years of travelling on the Greyhound bus.

Like I tell people all the time I don’t think Greyhound cares who is riding on their buses as long as you can afford a ticket and you don’t hassle the employees.

Why would Greyhound want to go through all the trouble of dealing with calling the authorities on people with warrants. Besides they would be losing a substantial part of their customer base if they didn’t sell to people with warrants.

I will say that law enforcement does sometimes come up to the Greyhound bus station and search through passenger lists to see if certain people are on the bus. I’ve seen this happen on a number of different occasions and I’ve even seen the cops take people from the station or be waiting for people when they got off the bus.

So while Greyhound doesn’t search for warrants sometimes the cops will come up to the Greyhound station and I assume they are doing just that, especially if they think you are a flight risk.

If you are thinking about trying to ride Greyhound under another name then that won’t work either because you need and ID to buy your ticket. If you buy a ticket and print it out at home you will have to show the driver your ID before you get on the bus. He/she will check and make sure the ID matches the name on the ticket.

I’ve heard from several people that they’ve rode the Greyhound bus with an active warrant and had no problems so I guess it can be done. I’d just be aware that once you buy that ticket your name is in their database and anyone looking will know where you are and where you are going.