Yes, there are power outlets on Greyhound buses. In fact there are two plugs on every row of seats so each passengers has access to a plug. The plugs are the three prong type so you can plug in pretty much anything you need to charge.

The power outlets will either be located on the window sill (if you are riding on an older bus) or they will be located on the back of the seats in front of you (on newer buses). The power outlets are a great way to keep your phone charged throughout your trip and you can also use them to charge your tablet or laptop.

Keep in mind, however, that sooner or later you will run into a Greyhound bus where the power outlets don’t work. Or as is usually the case, the power outlets won’t work on one side of the bus. I don’t know why this happens but I’ve seen it on a number of different buses. All the outlets on the right side of the bus were working perfectly but all the outlets on the left side were dead, or vice versa.

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If there are seats available on both sides of the bus I usually check the outlets as soon as I sit down and if they are not working I will try one on the other side of the bus. A lot of times it will be working. If you come across this situation you can inform the bus driver and sometimes they are able to go outside to the rear of the bus and flip a switch or something and it fixes the problem, sometimes it doesn’t. The same is true if none of the outlets are working, sometimes the driver can fix the problem, sometimes she/he can’t.

Always let the driver know when the outlest aren’t working because even if there is nothing they can do about it they can tell the maintenance people at the next station and they are usually able to fix the problem.

There are charging stations at most decent sized Greyhound bus stations that you can use to charge your devices if you couldn’t do it on the bus. These stations basically just consist of about 20 plugs lined up on a counter somewhere in the station. They can get kind of crowded because everyone will be trying to get over there and charge their phones but it’s better than your phone going dead.

Never plug your phone in and walk away and do something else. This is a great way to get your phone stolen! It happens everyday at Greyhound stations. If there isn’t any space to stand near your phone, go and sit somewhere really close by where you can watch your phone while it is charging.

Always check to make sure that your device is actually charging when you plug it in at the charging station. These power outlets get a lot of use and sometimes they malfunction. You don’t want to waste 30 minutes ‘charging’ your phone only to realize that the plug was broke.

So there are power outlets and plugs on Greyhound buses and at the bus stations. Just be sure to use them properly and safely, and always check to see if they are working.