Nervous about riding the Greyhound bus at night?

You should be.

You are going to be in unfamiliar parts of the country, on a bus packed with total strangers, in the dark, for hours at a time.

Notice, however, that I said ‘nervous’, not afraid.

This is because I feel that traveling on the Greyhound bus at night is pretty safe. As long as you follow some common sense safety rules you should have no issues throughout your trip.

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My #1 rule for traveling on the Greyhound bus at night is to STAY IN THE STATION DURING LAYOVERS!  Greyhound bus stations are not always located in the best neighborhoods. Wandering around outside the station after the street lights have come on is just inviting trouble.

If you do have to go outside the station, to smoke for instance, stay as close to the station doors as possible. This way you can go back inside the station if you see trouble approaching.

When you are on the actual bus very little changes as far as safety goes from day to night. So just remember to keep and eye on your bags and not to wander too far away from the bus and fellow travelers at food breaks/rest stops and you should be ok.

Below is a video I made that goes into more detail about staying safe while traveling on the Greyhound bus at night.