Some of the most frequently asked questions about Greyhound involve the food policy.

This is understandable because we all have to eat and no one wants to be starving in the middle of a long bus trip.

Below are the answers to some of the questions passengers typically have in regards to eating and drinking when they are about to take a trip on Greyhound.

Can I Bring Food on the Greyhound Bus?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food on the Greyhound bus to eat throughout your trip.

What Foods Can You Bring on the Bus?

Greyhound doesn’t put any restrictions on what types of foods you can bring on the bus.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that whatever foods you bring will have to either stored with your carry on bag(s) or on your person.

This because there are no refrigerators or food storage receptacles on the bus.

Certain food lend themselves better to bus travel than others so put some thought into what you bring. Snacks like potato chips, cookies, and crackers are easy to pack and can be eaten with relative ease on the bus.

You might want to avoid foods that require lots of room to eat or that leave a lot of leftover mess when you are finished with them. There are trash cans at the front of the Greyhound bus but you don’t want to fill up the whole can with the remains of your meal.

You also want to be considerate of fellow passengers when choosing what foods to bring on your Greyhound bus trip. Certain foods have aromas that can fill an enclosed space like a bus up rapidly and not everyone on the bus may share your love for that dish. So try to pack foods that won’t linger long after you’ve eaten them or offend other passengers sense of smell.

How Often Does The Bus Stop For Food Breaks?

The Greyhound bus typically stops every 2 to 4 hours for a food break. These breaks usually range anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

The bus will usually stop at a convenience store, a fast food restaurant, or a combination of both.

Passengers are allowed to get off the bus and purchase food which they can either eat off the bus or bring back on the bus to eat later. These food breaks are also a great time to use the bathroom, stretch your legs, and do anything else you might not be able to do on the bus.

The Greyhound bus often stops at combination gas station/restaurants so passengers have a wide selection of foods to choose from.

Food breaks are not always listed on your ticket itinerary so ask the bus driver when the next break is if you are getting hungry. And be sure to pay attention to how long the driver says the break will last. If he/she says it’s a 15 minute break, be back on the bus in 15 minutes.

Greyhound buses are on a tight schedule and you don’t want to be the one who holds up the bus and causes others to potentially miss their future connections. There is also the risk that if you take too long to get back from a food break a bus driver may elect to leave you. This happens all the time and it’s not something you want to have to deal with on your trip. So get back to the bus on time after food breaks.

Is There Food Available For Sale At Greyhound Bus Stations?

Almost all Greyhound bus stations have vending machines that sell sodas, bottled water, and snacks.

These vending machines can be a little pricey but they are great if you just want a quick snack during a layover or before you get back on the bus.

Some Greyhound stations have food courts in them or small diners that serve foods like fried chicken, sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, etc. If you have the time and are tired of just eating snacks on your trip these places are great for getting some fairly reasonably priced ‘real food’. It might not be the most high quality food but it will fill you up and you won’t have to go wandering around outside the bus station looking for something to eat.

Most Greyhound bus stations have vending machines that sell drinks and snacks.

What Drinks Can I Bring Aboard the Greyhound Bus?

You can bring any beverage on the bus that you want other than alcoholic beverages. If you are caught drinking alcohol on the bus there is a good chance you will be kicked off the bus. Greyhound is very strict when it comes to their alcohol policy so don’t risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere just because you wanted to have a few beers on your trip. It’s not worth it!

There are cup holders on the seats on most Greyhound buses so if you purchase a soda or a drink you will have a place to store them. It’s also a good idea to travel with a water bottle that you can use and refill throughout your trip. There are no water fountains on the bus so if you get thirsty you will have to wait until the bus stops again to get something to drink if you didn’t bring anything with you.

Are There Bathrooms on the Bus After I Eat?

Yes, there are bathrooms on the Greyhound bus. But keep in mind that they may not always be in the most sanitary condition. Often they smell and in some cases they can be downright filthy.

This is something else to keep in mind when planning what foods you are going to be eating on your Greyhound bus trip. Try to avoid foods that have the potential to make you have to take advantage of the facilities on the bus. If you have to eat a big meal try and time it so that any resulting bathroom use will coincide with a food break off the bus.

There are also bathrooms at all the Greyhound bus stations. They are usually cleaner than the bathrooms on the bus but there are exceptions.

Greyhound bus stations usually have water fountains near the bathrooms that are a great place to fill up water bottles for free. This can save you a lot of money on drinks throughout a long trip.

There are bathrooms located in the rear of all Greyhound buses for passengers to use during their trip.