Greyhound has been making a big deal about fact that they now have WiFi on their buses and at their bus stations. And I don’t blame them. This is a big step and I believe it is one of the features that convinces people to ride the bus who otherwise might not.

But as the self-proclaimed ‘Greyhound Guru’ I feel it is my duty to go a step further and talk about what passengers can actually expect from the WiFi that Greyhound now offers.

For starters, if you are expecting to binge watch Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming site you are going to be disappointed. Most of these sites are blocked. And I can see the logic behind this, you can’t have one or two passengers hogging all the Wifi watching all 6 seasons of Downton Abbey.

You should also expect to have service interruptions throughout your trip. Greyhound buses travel all over the country and just like your cellphone there are places where there is very weak reception or no service at all. This isn’t Greyhound’s fault. It’s got nothing to do with them. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Speaking of finding fault, don’t go up and bother the driver if the Wifi goes out. It’s not his/her fault and there is nothing they can do about it. One of the quickest ways to piss your bus driver of is to complain about the Wifi. The other ways are complaining about the temperature on the bus and complaining about the cleanliness level of the bus bathroom. Basically, any kind of complaining you do is going to piss your driver off. So just stay in your seat and deal with it.

The best thing to do with the Greyhound wifi in my opinion is to listen to music. Find a music streaming app, turn on some tunes and enjoy the ride. I use Amazon music and it always works pretty good for me. Playing games is another good way to pass the time during your trip. Though I warn you that after 3 hours straight of playing  The Walking Dead: Road to Survival you might start looking at some of your fellow passengers a little differently.

I have found that at some of the stations I have been able to go on Youtube and stream videos. I can’t say this is true at all the stations but it’s worth a try. Being able to watch videos can make the time during a 6 hour layover fly by at a considerably faster pace.

There will be times on Greyhound when the Wifi just simply will not work. Nothing you can do about it, just deal with it. It was free anyway, remember? Some of you will disregard my prior warning and will say something to the driver. The good news is that the Wifi will probably be great at the Flying J truck stop where the bus ‘accidentally’ leaves you after the next food break.

So to recap, there is Wifi on Greyhound. But it doesn’t always work. And when it does work you can’t always do everything you want to do online. And no matter what it does or doesn’t do, no one at Greyhound cares.  But it’s free so get over it. Enjoy your trip…