I get a lot of questions on my GreyhoundGURU Youtube channel about making transfers on the Greyhound bus.

I can understand this because before I rode Greyhound for the first time this was one of my biggest concerns. I had concerns like:

  • How was I going to know when and where to get off the bus?
  • How was I going to know when and where to get back on my next bus?
  • Where was I going to be waiting until my next bus came?
  • How long was my transfer going to be?
  • What was I going to do while I was waiting?

These are all valid questions, and I will try to answer them for you to the best of my ability.

Of course, the first question I should probably answer is:

How do I know how many transfers I’m going to have on my trip?

When you are booking you ticket online (which I recommend), after you’ve selected your Departure/Destination/Trip Date(s) you will be taken to a screen that shows you your different route options.  On the row besides each route will be a plus sign. Click this symbol to get more details about your trip.


Once you click on the plus symbol you will see all the stops your bus will make as well as the arrival and departure times of all these stops. Transfers will be labelled, and you will also noticed that each station that you have a transfer at will be listed twice. Once with the arrival time of the bus you came into the station on, and next with the departure time of the new bus you will be transferring onto.


In the photo above you can see that this trip will include two transfers, one in Louisville, KY that will include a 30 minute layover, and one in Chicago, IL that will involve a 5 hour and 50 minute layover.

I recommend always checking out the amount of layovers you will have on a trip before buying your ticket because this can influence what route option you choose.

Sometimes different routes to the same destination will include a different number of transfers, and you will probably want to pick the one with as few transfers as possible.

If you are purchasing a ticket over the phone or buying your ticket at the Greyhound station you can ask the employee who is assisting you what options you have as far as routes and how many transfers each route involves.

If you have already purchased your ticket and forgot to ask how many transfers you will have on your trip you will be able to tell from your ticket. You will notice that your ticket is separated into sections. Each time you have to switch buses you will have to give the bus driver the section that corresponds with that leg of the journey.

By counting the number of sections your ticket contains you can tell how many transfers you have to make.  There will also be an itinerary included with your ticket that resembles the one on the Greyhound website that can tell you about your transfers as well.

So that’s how you can tell how many transfers you will have on your next Greyhound bus trip. In the next segment we will talk about what actually happens during a transfer and what to expect during layovers.