If you are considering taking a trip on a Greyhound bus then you have probably heard all kinds of horror stories about how bad Greyhound is and how likely you are to get robbed, beat up, or worse.

You might even be reconsidering your trip because of all the stores you might have heard. Before you do that listen to someone who has taken countless trips on the Greyhound bus, all over the United States: Greyhound is not as bad as people say it is!

Sure bad things can and have happened on Greyhound buses and at Greyhound stations but the same can be said for any other form of public transportation. The key is to use your head and follow a few common sense tips to ensure that your trip is uneventful and you arrive at your destination safely.

Listed below are a few tips I have complied as well as a video I made on the subject for my GreyhoundGURU Youtube channel.

Staying safe on the Greyhound bus:

  • Keep expensive items out of sight as much as possible preferably inside your luggage. If you have to take items out for some reason return them to your pocket or bags as soon as possible.
  • Always take your valuables with you when you get up to use the onboard bathroom or if you exit the bus for a bathroom/food/smoke break.
  • Sit up near the front of the bus by the driver if any of your fellow travelers are making you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you sit next to someone and during the course of the trip they start acting weird or making you feel uneasy, change seats. Don’t be afraid to tell the driver if you feel like the person may be a threat to other passengers.
  • Don’t share too much information with strangers about where you are going, where you will be staying, or when your ride is coming to pick you up.
  • When you get off the bus for a break, make sure you get back to the bus on time. You don’t want to miss the bus and get stranded in the middle of nowhere.  You might end up having to wait another 24 hours or more for the next bus!

Staying safe at Greyhound stations:

  • Never wander around to much outside the station if you are not familiar with the area. Sadly, there are people who hang around Greyhound stations looking for an easy mark to rob. When in doubt, stay inside the station.
  • Keep your luggage with you at all times, even when using the bathroom or going up to the customer service desk. It only takes a few seconds for someone to grab your bags and disappear into the surrounding area.
  • Stay by your phone if you are charging it at an outlet or charging station. Cell phones are one of the #1 stolen items in the world today.
  • Locate security (if applicable, not all stations have security) and stay close by them if you see any suspicious activity going down.
  • Tell a Greyhound employee if you fell threatened or have an issue and no security is present. Greyhound employees have no problem calling the police on troublemakers.
  • Don’t flash lots of cash when purchasing tickets, food, or other items at a Greyhound station. You don’t want anyone to know you have money on you if possible.  A money belt is a great way to hide cash and small valuables while traveling.  (Click here to see a cheap money belt on Amazon that will work great!)
  • Be careful in the bathrooms. There are no cameras in the bathrooms and chances are no one will hear you if you get involved in a bad situation. If you see sketchy looking people going into the bathroom just wait or use the bathroom on the bus.


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