If you are thinking about riding the Greyhound bus then you are probably doing it for the cheap ticket prices. Let’s face it, if you had extra money to blow you’d probably be flying or driving your own car.

So why not use one of the discount offers below that Greyhound offers each and every day to make your bus ticket even cheaper.

1. Companion Discount (Groups of 2 or 3) – Travelling with a friend or two? Book your ticket together and Greyhound will give you 10% off the 2nd and 3rd ticket.

2. Discounts for Kids – Children between the ages of of 2-16 travelling with an adult over the age of 17 get 20% off the price of their ticket.  You can get two discount children’s ticket for each adult ticket you purchase.

3. Military Discounts – Active service members and veterans get 10% off tickets purchased at a Greyhound station.

4. Student Discounts – Students get 20% off the price of their fare and 40% off any packages they ship with Greyhound Package Express.

5. Senior Citizen Discounts – If you’re over 62 and still willing to ride the bus then you’ve earned a discount. Greyhound offers seniors 5% off their fare with valid ID.

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